Flowering woad plant in my garden

In line with a former research project I was engaged in the cultivation and evaluation of an extensive range of dye delivering plant species. Thereby the woad as a local indigo plant was especially taken into consideration.

Many years later I applied myself again to the dye plants and the homepage Institute for Dye Plants was brought into being.

At that time a very intensive contact with the woad plant in my garden developed. Finally, close to it I heard again and again very clearly the sentence:

"I am the key to all plants."

To clarify this statement I asked my woad plant once again: "What do you mean by that?" The answer was: "It would be good, if I was everywhere." I already guessed why, but to be sure I just inquired once again and its answer was: "Because this way a bridge between humans and plants will be built."
Dr. Renate Kaiser-Alexnat