Branch break danger

Recently I was in the "Geheime Gärten Rolandswerth" - "Secret Gardens at Rolandswerth", where I felt particularly attracted by an old beech. The gateway was blocked due to the danger of branches breaking. Although I would have come very close to the tree, I stayed behind the barrier and looked in awe at the giant tree.

On the way back home, I took a short break in a park close to the Rhine to enjoy by the last rays of sunlight. As I rose from the bench, suddenly, right next to me, a branch broke off and crashed with a loud noise onto the ground.

With the background of my experience with plants, in this way I found very demonstrative evidence that the trees are connected to each other and find impressive ways to communicate with us.

When I told my sister of this experience at a meeting in Cologne, she responded with scepticism. But a short time later, she told me that on her way home - after our meeting - the same happened to her. While she was standing at the bus stop, a large branch fell down loudly close to her.
Dr. Renate Kaiser-Alexnat