Woad water crystal with triangle

Mushroom cloud

Woad water crystal with mushroom cloud

Gratitude position

Woad water crystal with a Japanese man in the gratitude position

Drawing on the title of the book "Wunderwesen Wasser" - "Wonder (being) water" written by my choir friend Dr. Marianne E. Meyer, I created the story book "Wunderwesen Waid" - "Wonder Woad" to document my most remarkable experiences with this native indigo-bearing plant woad that incidentally helped me to an access to the metaphysical dimension of plants.

After Marianne told me enthusiastically about her water crystal photos, I wanted to conduct an experiment of my own. In the week before my birthday I set a test-tube with distilled water in the middle of the leaf rosette of my woad plant. On my birthday I sent the woad water sample to the Swiss laboratory of Ernst F. Braun, who specializes in taking photos of water crystals to visualize energetic signatures, using the methods of the Japanese author Dr. Masaru Emoto.

The metaphorical language of water crystals cannot be understood analytically, but instead is perceived intuitively. Marianne explained to me that the first two pictures of a series with water crystals are the most important. When I showed her the pictures of my woad water birthday experiment, Marianne said spontaneously:

"In the first picture I see a triangle and the second picture seems to look like a mushroom cloud."

I was immediately able to understand her interpretation of the first picture as a triangle, because the three was important in my life. The second picture was lost on me.

Only three years after the woad water experiment, the interpretation by Marianne became clear. The picture of the second water crystal shows something that at that time was a future direction for research. With hindsight, Marianne's interpretation can be seen as a forecast of the nuclear disaster of Fukushima.

Soon after the earthquake with its epicentre in Sendai in Japan on 11th March 2011, and the consequent atomic catastrophe of Fukushima, it came to me in a flash that woad is able to draw radioactive substances out of the soil and thus woad cultivation could contribute to the cleaning of the soil.

During my occupation with this unexpected theme I found confirmation that in similar manner plants of the family of crucifer, to which woad belongs, are cultivated for the hyper accumulation of heavy metals.

In Japan reverence is expressed by a deep bow. In the last water crystal picture of my birthday trial I see a Japanese man kneeling on the ground in a position of gratitude. This crystal formation expresses my deep gratitude for the wonderful offer of assistance.

However, it is essential to verify the above hypothesis concerning soil cleaning with woad cultivation in a scientific experiment. In the hope of finding a suitable co-operation partner to prove the hypothesis, I published the essay for Marianne’s third water book on my website Institute for Dye Plants.

>> Essay "Woad water wonder"

Kaiser-Alexnat, R.: Woad water wonder. From the diary of the agricultural scientist Dr. Renate Kaiser-Alexnat. Essay, Michelstadt, 19.12.2014. In: Meyer, Marianne E.: How water connects our worlds. Water crystal photos as a mirror of the soul. Page 59-62, Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt, 2015.

Before I finished the German version of this essay on 21st December 2013, I gave the woad water essay to a colleague with a request for feedback. When I asked him for his opinion, he showed me a document on which he was currently working at that time. As though by accident he pointed to a passage, in which the date 11th March 2013 was readable. Immediately I remembered that it was the anniversary of the earthquake in Sendai. My translation of the essay into the English version was finished exactly one year later to the day of my request for feedback from my colleague.

A cordial thank-you to Dr. Marianne E. Meyer, the author who created a space for the water crystal photos and this essay, as well as to Ernst F. Braun who gave permission that his wonderful water crystal photos could be published. Thanks are also due to Malcolm Walters from the woad city Erfurt for proof reading the text.

Addition 17th January 2022
The approach could not be confirmed with the scientific experiment at the “Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology” in Japan. However, the proof carried out there was based on an examination of the plants. In my opinion, examining the soil would be more effective to demonstrate pollution reduction.

Dr. Renate Kaiser-Alexnat